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Community, Leadership, Mentorship, and Excellence in soccer development will equal maximum results no matter what the individual’s desire and potential. This coaching approach makes our players feel worthy, encouraging them to strive for personal excellence. They start to see their own potential as a player and a person, striving to reach their individual goals. Many of our players report that our Club has made them “look differently at the game” and as a result, they look at themselves differently.  We believe we need to develop players to understand the game individually as well and be aware of the team around them.  We develop great human beings who learn how to be competitive on the find and compassionate of the field.


Montgomery County, MD is one of the most diverse counties in the country. Add to it Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, in addition to the neighboring counties, and we pride ourselves on being a club for all. Our coaches are also diverse as they represent various countries around the world.  There are many different languages spoken on our sidelines and we strive to represent the wonderful tapestry that is Montgomery County.


Derwood, MD is a small town of only 2,840 residents and our primary practice location of  Redland Middle School is a Public school with a community feel. Although many of our players come from neighboring cities such as Olney, Rockville, and Gaithersburg, they all love our community feel.  We believe that a sense of belonging is key to our player’s success. We welcome any player, at any level to our club and there is a pathway of development for everyone. The pace at which each player develops will vary, but no matter what the pace is our coaches will strive to help each player to succeed.


As the club expands, our goal, each summer, is for the club to take selected travel teams to South America or Europe. The purpose of the annual trips outside of the United States is to provide an opportunity for our players to be seen and evaluated, exposing them to a challenging and professional training environment, and to compete internationally. These life-changing experiences allow players to start to become more independent and gain memories that they will never forget.


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