We hope you find the answers that you are looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions section below. If not, then no problem. Please feel free to reach out to us at superstarsoccersc@gmail.com. And who knows, maybe we will add your question to the FAQs below.


Provide a safe community environment where children can play and learn and grow to be quality soccer players and positive contributors to society.

Superstars soccer is designed from players ages 4-13.  We provided the highest quality technical training for children of a young and transfer them to the top clubs in the county and the world

We integrate our international training methodology with US Soccer’ player development plan to create long term goals for the players. We strive to ensure that all players progress and grow to have a passion for the game.

Our general requirement is if the player can listen to instructions then they can be in the club.  We have some 3-year-olds who have had success but we have had to turn away children who are not disciplined enough to follow directions.

This is a team approach.  We look at each player and we tailor design the curriculum where they fit.  They do not always play with players of the same age.  We choice an environment that best suites their goals and abilities which can change over a period of time

Every player that enters the club has to start in the beginner FUN-damentals course.  If your child responds well to this course they can be moved up rather rapidly.

Yes, we will have some limited free play opportunities when players can met the kids in the club but a player will only get to train with the club once before making a decision on the club.

At the end of the season a player can withdraw from the club.  We ask that you fulfill the commitment of the season whether it be fall, winter, or spring.

Our coaches have a open door policy.  We will talk to any parent about any players progression with the exception of 24 hours after a game please allow a cooling-off period because tempers can sometimes be high


We have teams from beginner all the way to academy-level (elite) teams.

We like to keep practice light and refreshing.  A player can wear whatever he or she chooses as long as it does not restrict movement.  Soccer attain is preferred and if you are not wearing cleats to a non-beginner class you are doing so are your child’s risk.

Either through end-of-the-year tryouts, internal promoting, or midseason tryouts.

Your family will be told in April of every year if your spot is guaranteed or not.  90% of our players have their sport guaranteed but there are exceptions best on behavior throughout the season.


Yes, you will have the same coach for almost all your sessions barring emergencies.  They will coach your child through the season.  Most sessions will have 2 coaches but other just one.


Absolutely! For two reasons, one, other sports can help you to improve your soccer abilities, and two, injury prevention is of the utmost importance, and playing other sports will help to avoid overuse injuries. Most of our athletes are “soccer first” players, but do participate in many of their elementary, middle, and high school sports teams and programs.


All players should register online as this is the fastest and easiest way to keep track of all player information. But if you are having issues email us at superstarsoccersc@gmail.com

For the 8-week/session beginner session please email us at superstarsoccersc@gmail.com

For the beginner session no but once you are selected for a team everyone is required: a home and away jersey, black shorts, and black soccer socks.